Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad 2023 (Secondary Track)

The HKAGE and the Hong Kong Blockchain Society are co-organising the Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad 2023 (HKBCOL 2023). Application to the secondary track will open from 29 May 2023.

Current secondary-level students may register as competitors. Each team should consist of 1 to 6 students from the same secondary schools ("school team") or from different schools ("freelance team"), and should have an adult supervisor as Team Manager or a Teacher Coordinator. For details, please refer to the Rules for Secondary Track of HKBCOL 2023.

HKBCOL 2023 consists of three rounds of competitions from July to September 2023. Outstanding teams from Round 1 will proceed to Round 2 and Round 3. To learn about the formats of the competitions and the submission requirements, please visit the official website of HKBCOL 2023.

Winning students of appropriate age will be invited to apply for HKAGE student membership through the "Nurturing the Gifted Scheme". For enquiries, please contact the Student Services Team on 3941 0101 or by email to [email protected]

Submissions will be adjudicated based on their (1) completeness, (2) cohesiveness, and (3) conciseness by the HKBCOL Organising Committee governed by the Hong Kong Blockchain Society.

Key dates
The table below shows the key dates only. For a detailed timeline, please refer to the official website of HKBCOL 2023. 

Key dateActivity
29 May 2023Online briefing session (No registration is needed)
Application opens
17 June - 31 July 2023Workshops of Blockchain Fundamentals (by Hong Kong Blockchain Society)
21 Jul 2023Round 1 submission deadline (Email notifications have been sent to the teams selected to proceed to Round 2. Enquiry: 3940 0101)
18 Aug 2023Round 2 submission deadline
6 Sep 2023Round 3 submission deadline
9 Sep 2023Final presentation

Top teams will be invited to the Greater Bay Area Blockchain Olympiad 2023 (GBA IBCOL 2023) and/or the International Blockchain Olympiad 2023 (IBCOL 2023). Please refer to the Organisers' announcement.

Reference dateActivity
16 Sep 2023GBA IBCOL
16 - 18 Nov 2023IBCOL in Amsterdam

Applications should be submitted via the HKBCOL 2023 Application Platform by the Team Manager / Teacher Coordinator with the following information:

  1. Information of School or Team
    • School name (for school team) / team name (for freelance team)
    • English names of Principal (If applicable)
    • Chinese names of Principal (If applicable)
    • Title of Principle (If applicable)
    • Information of Team Manager / Teacher Coordinator
      • English name
      • Chinese name (If any)
      • Title
      • Position (Optional)
      • Email address
      • Contact number
  2. Information of Competitors
    • English names
    • Chinese names (If any)
    • Class in the academic year 2022/2023
    • Gender
    • Email address of student
    • Contact number of parent / guardian
    • Special arrangements needed (If any)
  3. School declaration (Only applicable to school teams)

An acknowledgement email with login credentials to the Submission Platform will be sent to the Team Manager/Teacher Coordinator after Part I of your application has been submitted successfully. Team Manager. Teacher Coordinator is required to log into the Submission Platform to complete Part II of the application and to upload the Round 1 submission. Team Manager / Teacher Coordinator who does not receive the email must contact the HKAGE by the application deadline for verification. 

Once the application form is submitted, no further changes can be made.


The deadline is the calendar date up to Hong Kong time 23:59 (midnight minus one). Late submissions will not be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances, as approved by the Organising Committee on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the HKBCOL 2023 official website for submission requirements.

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