Application Flow

Application Flow

1. Find a programme

  • Find programme information on the HKAGE website
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2. Understand a programme

  • Study the information about programme content, schedule, prerequisite and selection method, etc. to plan for your application.
  • The selection method can be on first-come-first-served basis, performance on online or face-to-face screening questions/interviews, random selection by our computer system, etc.

3. Submit application

  • Apply online with an HKAGE student account.

4. Check for result

  • Log in to your HKAGE student account to check the programme application result.

5. Confirm the offer

  • If you are accepted, follow the instructions (e.g. submitting a confirmation slip) to confirm your seat.

6. Withdraw the offer

  • If you decide to withdraw, follow the instructions to submit "Withdrawal Notification

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Update Date:2023-12-05