FAQ for Teachers of Gifted Children

Our IQ assessment is only provided to our student members or students who have participated in our nomination scheme for the current academic year. Hence, teachers can try to enquire about the intellectual assessment services provided by the Child Assessment Centre of the Department of Health, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (https://www.dhcas.gov.hk/en/index.html).

First, students referred by teachers should be our student members or students who have participated in our nomination scheme under the current academic year. Any student who receive our IQ assessment, they (or their parents) still needs to pay for the standard fee.

All students need to receive the assessment at the campus of HKAGE in Sha Kok Estate, Shatin.

It usually takes at least two to three months before an IQ assessment is arranged.

It usually takes less than one month before an IQ report is prepared after the assessment is done.

As the IQ report belongs to students and their parents, it is the sole decision of students or their parents to give you a copy of the IQ report. HKAGE could not give a copy of the IQ report to anyone.

A student should expect a psychologist to ask the questions or give the tasks either in verbal form or in a graphic with verbal form. Various kinds of questions or tasks are designed to measure your student’s abstract thinking, verbal reasoning, perception of relationships between things and idea, distinction between nonessential and essential features, verbal expression, general word knowledge, verbal concept formation, long-term memory or learning ability, degree of language development, auditory perception, verbal comprehension and expression, the ability to evaluate and use past experiences, practical social knowledge, social judgement, common sense, ability to visualize and synthesize abstract visual stimuli, visual perception and organization, simultaneous processing, visual-motor skills, visual-spatial integration, culture-fair and language-free measure of fluid intelligence, abstract and categorical reasoning abilities, auditory short-term memory, sequencing, attention and concentration, auditory processing, working memory, visual-spatial imaging, cognitive flexibility, mental alertness, ability to learn new non-verbal material, manual and/or fine-motor speed and precision, visual scanning and perception, sequential processing, attention, concentration, motivation, short-term visual memory, visual discrimination, perceptual organization and planning, etc.

Basically, your student does not need to prepare for the IQ assessment besides your student should get enough sleep or rest the night before the IQ assessment, and your student should be in normal emotional and physical condition before receiving the IQ assessment, so that your student could perform as high as possible his or her intellectual functioning during the assessment.

IQ assessment service does not include follow-up training for students, but our student members can participate in various programmes of our Academy. Also, if students who have participated in our nomination scheme and have finally accepted to be our student members, they can register in various training or learning programmes that they are interested in.

Update Date:2024-05-31