Parent Education Programme

Parent Education Programme

In nurturing gifted students, the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) adopts a three-prong approach in which students, parents and teachers are all our service targets.

Parent Education Programme Framework at the HKAGE

Working with the right partners and employing the correct approach saves our effort and yields more desirable results. The HKAGE is keen to take parents of gifted students on board to garner their support in the nurturing process, in which a Programme Framework is created to steer the design and development of relevant educational programmes for parents of gifted children within the Academy. This Programme Framework covers the four different dimensions below:

  1. Nature of Giftedness
  2. Cognitive Development of Gifted Children
  3. Affective Needs of Gifted Children
  4. Roles and Limitations of Parents of Gifted Children

The Parent Education Programme Framework

Nature of GiftednessDefinitions of giftedness
Characteristics of gifted children
Myths & facts about gifted children
Cognitive Development of Gifted ChildrenHow do children learn
Different learning styles
Creating conducive learning environment for gifted children to learn
Nurturing self-directed learning
Nurturing creativity and higher order thinking skills
Affective Needs of Gifted ChildrenSocial & emotional characteristics of gifted children
Motivation to learn
Life and career education
Roles & Limitations of ParentsDifferent parenting styles
Positive parenting
Parent-child relations and communication
Parents as facilitator
Challenges & limitations of parents
Home school cooperation

Parent Education Programmes

  1. Training Programme for Parents of Gifted Children
    • 10 three-hour sessions with comprehensive coverage
    • Aim to enrich parents’ understanding of their gifted children and enhance their parenting skills

  2. Parent Support Group
    • an extension of the parent training programme
    • regular meetings to support parents and build a network with other parents

  3. Parent-Child Workshops
    • 4 three-hour sessions with the participation of parent and child
    • Focus on enhancing parent-child relations and communication in the context of nurturing creativity

  4. Parent Seminars
    • Helps parents to have a better understanding of the nature of giftedness 
    • Covers various topics to cater to the cognitive development and affective needs of gifted children and the parenting needs

  5. Parent Workshops
    • Small group and in-depth discussion on challenges that parents are facing and practical parenting skills for handling different situations

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Update Date:2024-05-31