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Welcome to our website! The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education is committed to leading and promoting gifted education. This website is built to provide all our stakeholders with information and advice on gifted education.

Our objective is to produce a highly functional and interactive site that will provide not only information and advice but also online registration facility, e-learning platforms, learning communities, and useful links with sites around the world.

Our children are entitled to an educational experience that is appropriate to their needs. Their gifts are valuable resources both for themselves and for Hong Kong. Although there is still much to do to promote gifted education in Hong Kong, we believe that by working and collaborating with you, we shall achieve our mission sooner. Let’s join hands and move towards the goal!

Dr. Jimmy Wong
Executive Director
The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
Welcome Message

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About Us
To secure appropriate learning and development opportunities for gifted students

To become a regional hub of its kind with an effective framework for strategic planning and delivery of appropriate programs to encourage gifted students, and to provide support to their teachers and parents as well as other researchers and related organisations within the HKSAR.

  • Provision and support for students
  • Provision and support for parents
  • Provision and support for teachers / schools
  • Research support
16 Years
Provision of Services
8 K +
Student Members Served Annually
400 +
Programmes Offered Annually
20 K +
Student Members Enrolment Annually
80 %
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