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HKAGE 15th Anniversary Logo and Mascot Design Competition – Results Announcement

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE), HKAGE 15th Anniversary Logo and Mascot Design Competition was held between October and December 2022 with the purpose of strengthening the Academy’s image and popularity in the society, as well as increasing HKAGE student members’ sense of belonging.

The competition is divided into two parts: Logo Design and Mascot Design. The themes are:

Logo Design Theme

1.  The symbolic meaning of the logo should include “young”, “modern”, “new ambience”. 

2. The wording of “15th anniversary” & the HKAGE logo should be included.

Mascot Design Theme

1. The pair of mascots are named as “資資 Gigi” & “優優 Yoyo”, the mascots should embody our youthfulness, happiness, and energy with positive/optimistic.

2. Add 1-2 other outstanding characteristics that you considered as a significant characteristic of gifted students.

We received overwhelming response from our students. The competition has attracted more than 50 student members to join. The awardees list is finalised by adjudicators as below:

Best logo awardee: YAU Nga Yue

Best mascot awardee: YUEN Chung Hang

Logo 1st runner-up: TSIU Cheuk Kiu Katie

Mascot 1st runner-up: TSANG Lok Hei

Logo 2nd runner-up: LEE Cheuk Ip Carson

Mascot 2nd runner-up: FUNG Hiu Yan

All awardees will be awarded a certificate and coupon as encouragement and recognition for their outstanding performance: HK$3,000 book coupon for each best design, HK$1,500 for each 1st runner-up design, and HK$500 for each 2nd runner-up design.

The best design will be retouched and debut in March for a series of up-coming celebration events. The mascots “Gigi” and “Yoyo” are looking forward to the day of the events!

Last but not least, we wholeheartedly thank all participants for their support of the competition!

Update Date:2023-01-19