Research Ethics

The Ethics Review Group (Roles & Functions)

Research Ethics Review Group of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) is set up in accordance with the discretion of the Board of Director (BoD) meeting to provide advices on the ethical issues of research activities in the HKAGE.

The role of the Ethics Review Group is to provide advices on the following:

  • To consider ethical issues of all research activities in the HKAGE
  • To evaluate each submitted research from the ethical aspect and give decision (approve / disapprove/ approve with minor modifications) for the submissions
  • To ensure high ethical standards are being met

Requests of Research Assistance from HKAGE

In view of resources available, Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) would try to entertain requests of assistances from other institutes on research related to Gifted Education.

Ethics Principles

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Update Date:2024-02-22