The Research Division

The Research Division work to provide high quality information and research results in gifted education. Professionals in the Research Division collaborate with stakeholders in gifted education to promote the awareness and better understanding of gifted education in Hong Kong.

Key Tasks

The key tasks of the Research Division in accomplishing its aims are to:

  • Develop a prioritised research agenda that is responsive to the needs of the HKAGE and different stakeholders in Hong Kong;
  • Provide regular statistics and reports reflecting the quality of ongoing activities and services provided by the Academy;
  • Conduct both theoretical and applied research projects in a sound and rigorous manner;
  • Identify opportunities for research collaboration with local and overseas institutions on gifted education issues of common interest;
  • Disseminate evidence-based findings through publications, knowledge sharing and academic exchanges.

Enquiries and contact research related matters (Research Division)

Telephone :(852) 3940-0505
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Email :[email protected]
Update Date:2023-12-05