Press Release

Don't Give Up... The Game is Not Over Yet


On 29 December, 2022, the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) was honoured to have Sidney CHU sharing his passion for scientific research and short-track speed skating with student members and their parents at a celebrity talk. Sidney is a speed skater who represented Hong Kong at the 2022 Winter Olympics. He also won the Young Scientist Award in his secondary school days.

At the celebrity talk, Sidney shared 4 tips with our student members and encouraged them to pursue their dreams with persistence and never give up while the game is still running.

1) Take Time to Reflect

Figure out what the most essential things in your life are, what you are really interested in, and what kind of person you want to become. Put plans into action to pursue your dreams.

2) Understand the Impact of the Environment

There are always hindrances and obstacles in the way of pursuing dreams. But we can learn to make the best out of the environment and create favourable conditions for ourselves.

3) Uphold the “Lion Rock Spirit” and Never Say Never

You will never know unless you try. You may not be able to guarantee a totally satisfying result even having made an all-out effort. But your efforts made will always bear fruit eventually.

4) Don’t Forget to Give Back

Give back to those who have supported you in your journey, stay tuned with them, and share the

knowledge, skills and experience you have already acquired with the younger generation.

Sidney CHU chatted with Dr Jimmy WONG, the Executive Director of the HKAGE, and shared his journey of pursuing dreams.

The response to the talk was overwhelming and participants were eager to learn from Sidney’s experience. Some students asked Sidney for his autograph.

Sidney took a group photo with the participants.

Update Date:2023-03-09