First Review Period
First Review Period

(From admission date to 31st August of the following year)

  • All newly admitted student members are required to successfully complete the core programme within the first review period to sustain their membership.
Primary School Students
  • Registered primary school student members should complete the “Let us shine!” within the first review period
  • ‘Let us shine!’ is an interactive workshop that helps gifted students understand giftedness, explore their strengths, develop social competence and seek the meaning of being gifted.
Secondary School Students
  • Registered secondary school student members should complete the “Double Majors in Giftedness” within the first review period.
  • Double Majors in Giftedness aims to let student members understand the emotional intelligence elements and the methods to improve the four psychological traits (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management). As a result, student members can see how they continue to improve their traits as they progress through their whole person development journey.

Review your requirement and progress now to sustain your membership

Update Date:2022-06-11