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Preparation for University Life to Careers Aspiration

Our Executive Director-Dr Jimmy Wong gave a welcome speech to our participants
f15c631c86522bd26a16237f555b6ecc.JPGOur SMT members, clinical psychologist and F.6 graduates completed a large jigsaw puzzle together to wish F.6 graduates a bright future
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Farewell sharing-Preparation for University Life to Careers Aspiration

To support members who are graduating from secondary school, the talk ‘Preparation for University Life to Careers Aspiration’ was conducted. A total of seven alumni who are currently studying bachelor’s or master’s degrees or working were invited to share their studying or working experience highlights, also their challenges encountered. A mini ceremony was held for congratulating Form 6 students’ completion of HKAGE’s membership and their secondary studies. Student members who attended the talk were able to understand possible prospects and challenges of studying in local/overseas universities and working in different fields, thus enhancing their psychological preparation in pursuing work or study. Over 50 participants took part in the event and participants felt that this event was inspirational, especially when the speakers shared their personal experiences and their values and attitudes towards life. Some students found that the information was able to help them adjust to university life and things to note to enjoy fruitful university life.