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Alumni Reunion

Alumni interacted with our senior management team
f15c631c86522bd26a16237f555b6ecc.JPGOur Executive Director-Dr. Jimmy Wong presented souvenirs to speakers
Group photo of alumni and our senior management team

‘Alumni Reunion’ is launched this year, aiming to gather HKAGE alumni to meet up with other alumni from different fields. The first gathering was held in May 2022, three alumni were invited to share how they supported and engaged in various HKAGE programmes and events in the past. Other participants could better understand how to apply what they had learned and gave back to the HKAGE. During the discussion, participants had the opportunity to chat with our Executive Director and the HKAGE management team to exchange views on the development of the HKAGE. Over 20 alumni took part in the event and participants felt that this event was inspirational. Moreover, they were able to expand their network and connect with other alumni, know more about the updates of the HKAGE and how they may apply their knowledge and contribute to the HKAGE community and the student members in the future. They hope that the HKAGE alumni association/community would be established to organize regular gatherings and events and thus co-create some social values.