Outreach Seminars for Parents

Outreach Seminars for Parents

Free Seminars*

One of our mission is to arouse awareness and increase understanding of giftedness amongst parents in order to empower them to fully develop their children's potential.

Seminars TitleLevel / TypeTargetSeminars InformationFormatFee
Giftedness 101Introductory / SeminarAll parentsSeminar details
A 1.5 hours school-based seminar will be provided.Free of charge
Support for Twice Exceptional (2E) StudentsSeminar details
Whole Person Development of Gifted StudentsSeminar details

*The quota for outreach seminars is around one time per month.

Charged Activities

We also offer customised activities to schools and organisations for a modest charge. They can be tailor-made to meet the needs of parents.

Fee : $1, 000 per hour

Fee : to be quoted




Please contact Corporate Communications and PR Team at 3940 0141 / [email protected].

Update Date:2022-10-03